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30 NOVEMBER 2023

Transnational Project Meeting ENHANCER project in Cyprus

Last month, another Transnational Project Meeting of the ENHANCHER project took place, this time in Cyprus! Meeting 4 of the series of transnational project meetings focused on creating the game and was organized by Centre for Social Innovation (CSI). The meeting spanned two days, during which formal discussions took place, and numerous co-creation sessions were held. The co-creation sessions aimed to generate input for the game development. This included exploring experiences with social enterprises, learning objectives and creating in-game scenarios. Discussions covered the main mechanics, tactical and strategic layers of the game, as well as the player's journey. The plan is to have the first playable prototype available in January! 


Many thanks to CSI for organizing enjoyable and productive days, and to yfantourgeio theworkplace for hosting us during the co-creation sessions! 

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