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 29 APRIL 2022 

ENHANCER project @kick-off meeting in Amsterdam

Lead partner Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences hosted its five partners: Center for Social Innovation LTD from Cyprus; Questomatica from The Netherlands; Universidade de Aveiro from Portugal; Universidad de Zaragoza from Spain and FH Münster University of Applied Sciences on April 29, 2022, to kick off the ENHANCER project, an ERASMUS+ project on Cooperation Partnerships in Higher Education. 


ENHANCER aims to contribute to the horizontal priorities "Addressing digital transformation through development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity"; sectoral priorities "Stimulating innovative learning and teaching practices" and "Rewarding excellence in learning, teaching, and skills development".

The objective of this project is developing tools in digital learning for teachers and students in European Higher Education Institutes to enable students to tackle societal challenges through social entrepreneurship by aiding students in building the required and relevant skills, therefore reducing the mismatches on the labor market. As a result, qualifying students to contribute to an entrepreneurial society that is sustainable and inclusive.

The project will end in February 2025 and we find ourselves enthusiastic and appreciative to be working alongside our partners to achieve these objectives, through attractive educational tools such as Digital Educational Escape Rooms (DEER) that will for sure make the learning experience for students more engaging and concrete.

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